Application and Concept

In 2010, the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups came to an end, resulting in Russia and Qatar to host the upcoming World Cups. Qatar had applied as the first Arabic country to host the prestigious tournament.

Qatar’s winning bid outlined the “most compact” World Cup ever, with all but one of the 12 proposed venues within 60 kilometers of each other. The organizing committee pledged to construct nine new stadiums and to renovate another three, impressing the FIFA Executive Committee with a breathtaking architectural vision and an ambitious plan to harness the power of the sun’s rays to cool players and fans in an environmentally responsible way.

With the World Cup 2022, Qatar aims at driving the successful achievement of the nation’s long-term goals and initiatives, while ensuring that a lasting human, social, environmental and economic legacy is created for 2022 and beyond. By acting as a hub for innovation and the incubation of ideas and talent in all sectors of Qatari industry and society, Qatar will create a unique model for best practice, best operational excellence, best strategic execution and best learning and career development platform. Guided by self‐belief, a commitment to excellence and a deep sense of responsibility, Qatar will stay true to its values and promises.