Tourism in Qatar


Life in Qatar had always been a story of sea and desert: Both were a source of livelihood despite all the hardships the Qataris faced. Today, the sea and the desert are still the source of wealth and a destination for anyone looking for an enjoyable time from the hustle and bustle of modern day to day life.


Requirements for a Trip to Qatar

Your trip to Qatar should run stress free and enjoyable. As German citizens you need a valid visa, which is available both before and upon arrival. You will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months at the end of the stay. The maximum stay is 30 days in Qatar. For more visa and immigration information please click here.

Getting to Qatar

You can reach Hamad International Airport on direct flights from various cities around the world thanks to its global-central location.

Customs Regulations

It is not permitted to leave the airport in Doha with alcohol or pork. This is strictly regulated and should be respected by the traveler at any time.


Travelling within Qatar is not particularly limited. With an international driver’s license you can rent a car for up to seven days.
Trips in the desert and in hard to reach areas especially in the north and west of Qatar should be made by tourists only with the help of a local tour operator or local friend. Always travel with multiple vehicles with plenty sized petrol and drinking water supplies. It is recommended to store information on the planned route and return time at the hotel or hosts.

Behavior in Public

The general rules of conduct that apply to travelers in Islamic countries should be taken into account in Qatar. Although Qatar is a generally tolerant society, you should respect both culture and religion as a visitor and dress accordingly.
Please expect limitations in everyday life (e. g. daytime closure of restaurants outside the hotels, reduced working hours for authorities) and increased sensitivity in religious matters during the fasting month of Ramadan. Although the fasting rules apply only to Muslims, non-Muslims should be careful not to hurt religious feelings. Women during this time are asked to wear subtle, long-sleeved clothing and men are asked to refrain from wearing short casual clothes.