Posted on Jul 30, 2016 in Allgemein

Qatar government spends $30 billion annually on infrastructure projects

Minister of Municipality and Environment Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi gave a speech at the Singapore International Water Week on July 12th focusing on Qatar’s approach concerning development and environment. HE Al Rumaihi stated that Qatar’s government has invested $30 billion in infrastructure as well as industry and housing projects since 2010 every year.

HE the Minister emphasized that there will be new highways and economic areas in order to be prepared for the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Recently, Minister of Finance Ali Sherif Al Emadi had announced: “The main goal during the preparation of the 2016 budget was to ensure the completion and implementation of major projects in key sectors along with projects related to the FIFA World Cup in 2022.”

HE Al Emadi had reported that the government has allocated $7 billion for development of sports infrastructure including the construction of new stadiums for the earth’s biggest sporting event in 2022.

These investments are part of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 which is a strategic concept concerning the long-term development of Qatar. The Vision aims at transforming the country into an advanced society capable of sustainable development and follows the goal of providing a high standard of living for all citizens by the year 2030.