Foreign Policy

On the Gulf level
On Gulf level, Qatar focuses on laying the foundations for security and peace in the region and promoting the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as a mechanism that would enhance cooperation between member states in all spheres for the common interest of the GCC.

On the Arab World level
Being an Arab State, Qatar has always supported the Arab League efforts aiming at improving the relations and reaching reconciliation between Arab nations and solidarity on the basis of objectivity and realism for the common Arab goals.
Qatar stresses on the Israeli withdrawal from all Arab occupied territories including Al Quds, Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and south Lebanon. Qatar also calls for Palestinians regaining their legitimate national rights. In terms of human aids, Qatar has provided medical, material and financial assistance to many Arab and Islamic countries.

On the Islamic Level
Qatar looks forward to enhancing cooperation with Islamic countries and peoples. In this respect, Qatar was active in holding bilateral reconciliations and hosting conferences for the purpose of enforcing Islamic relations.
What strengthened Qatar`s position in the Islamic World on both regional and international scenes was its choice to host the 9th Islamic Summit Conference in 2000 and electing H. H. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani president of the Islamic Conference Organization for three years. Qatar`s presidency over the 9th Islamic Summit Conferences was successful and it stressed its dynamic presence on the regional and international scenes.

On the International Level
Qatar`s foreign policy emphasizes the importance of resorting to peaceful means in setting all the disputes between all peace loving countries and peoples. Qatar also rejects and condemns all forms of violence and terrorism. However, it draws a distinction between terrorism and peoples` struggle and legitimate right for liberty and self-determination in accordance with international law.
In appreciation to Qatar`s positive contribution to peace efforts, the general commission of regional security and arms control in the Middle East decided to establish a centre for regional security in Qatar for setting disputes.
In 2004, Qatar presided over G77 in China and in March 1995 Qatar was elected Vice Chairman to the World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen. In 2001, Qatar got one of the four seats devoted to Asia in UN Economic and Social Council.
In terms of human efforts, Qatar grants aid to many states. A commission was founded to follow up His Highness` Charity to support Al Quds, Jerusalem Foundation. In January 2002 the committee decided to set up a commercial building in Qatar at cost of QR 64 million as a charity income generating project whose revenues were to be appropriated for health, education, humanitarian and social fields in Jerusalem. In 2002 the Development Fund was established with the aim of helping Arab and developing states: The fund has a capital of one billion riyals.
Qatar army unit joined UNIFIL United Nations interim forces in Lebanon to help implementing the UN Resolution number 1701 mainly to achieve peace in the region.