09. June 2017 | Allgemein

Qatar rescues the pyramids in Sudan with the support of Germany

With the support and generous resources allocation from Qatar, the Sudanese archaeology is currently experiencing an unusual upswing. The state of Qatar is investing 135 million USD for 40 projects, which strive to explore and protect the cultural heritage of Sudan, as well as renovate the national museum in Khartum. The antique city Meroe used […]

08. June 2017 | Allgemein

Germany’s Foreign Minister announces Support to Qatar

Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced support to Qatar in its dispute with its Arab Neighbours. “Apparently, Qatar is to be isolated more or less completely and hit existentially. Such a “Trumpification’ of relations in a region already susceptible to crises is particularly dangerous,’’ Gabriel said. Gabriel warned of a further worsening of the conflict. Mr. […]