Germany and Qatar in Business

Qatar and Germany have long-established ties and work together closely in many different areas. Both countries’ political relations have traditionally been very good and they have been collaborating for more than 40 years. Qatar is a key partner for Germany in the Middle East. Also, there are very close economic ties. An increasing number of German citizens are living and working in Qatar. German companies increasingly open branches in Doha to keep eye on Qatar’s economical boom. German companies are mainly active in plant construction, in the building industry and in the service sector. Furthermore, they are involved in planning and realizing the World Cup. According to the German Chamber of Commerce, there are currently 64 German companies represented in Qatar’s capital Doha. This long list includes prestigious firms such as Allianz, Audi, Deutsche Bank, BMW, Siemens, Thyssen Krupp, Solar World and Wintershall.

Qatari institutions have made considerable investments in German companies like Deutsche Bank, Hochtief and Volkswagen. Those collaborations have been highly successful and Qatar looks forward to working even closer together with Germany. Via those investments Qatar helps to secure jobs in Germany, too.

To enhance bilateral economic relations, the German Business Council Qatar was founded in 2003 and end of 2002, Qatar German Business Forum under the umbrella of NUMOV, German Near and Middle East Association.