Posted on Jun 2, 2016 in Allgemein

Ambassador inaugurates Ghorfa Business Forum


Dear Guests,

Thank you for this kind introduction. And thank you Mr. Mikhlafi for your hard work in organizing this Forum and for creating this platform that provides German and Middle Eastern businesses with the opportunity to come together in a regular and constructive manner. I hope that discussions between both sides will embrace the full scope of public and private interests.

I would like to thank all the business leaders and the entrepreneurs both from across the Arab world and Germany who are creating jobs and opportunities for everyday normal people.

Our Middle East is facing enormous challenges by enduring social unrest and conflicts. And although some of us are deeply engaged in working hard to meet those demanding challenges, we should keep reminding ourselves not to lose sight of the Middle East that is emerging.

I recall someone having said that real change only comes after violent tremors, and that the situation will only improve if it is accompanied by awareness. Otherwise, the outcome will be disastrous.

Nations are like humans, they rise after they fall, and shine after suffering. The best of them benefit from their experiences, and study the causes of failure in order to avoid them in the future. Those enlightened nations try not to  duplicate commiting the same error, which would otherwise hinder their march towards development and human progress.

The secret behind Europe´s success lies in its historical path that made it engage into world wars and the cold war. Despite the fact that many different countries in Europe do not share a common  language and religious doctrine, they do however share a clear political system and alliances.

Though this important commonality did not happen easily. It happened after brutal wars in which tens of millions of lives were taken, countries destroyed and cities completely annihilated.

And here we are today. We see a Europe that is proud of carrying high the banner of respect to human rights, regardless of race, religious doctrine, political affiliation,  or gender.  Europe is working for the people, taking care of them, respecting their humanity and offering  individuals  their rightful place that they deserve in life.

Europe takes every opportunity to boast about providing for the wellbeing of its citizens through its revenues and resources in order to secure for its citizens a good standard of living as human beings and as  valuable entities.


And contrary to popular belief, authorities are there to serve their citizens and protect them, not vise a versa. Therefore it is not surprising that the first article of the German Constitution states that “Human dignity stands above all.  Its respect and protection represents a mandatory duty for all state authorities.”


Ladies and Gentlemen,


I consider myself a defender of human rights, the right to live in peace and dignity.


Arab nations are going through a phase outside of its conventional realm, full of  unusual concepts. And perhaps many of the solutions presented in these scenarios  are considered dangerous and reckless.


Nevertheless, what the Arab nations are  going through currently resembles many historical incidents experienced by many nations that overcame these  challenge and have risen again.


We are required today – more than ever before – to benefit from those experiences and scenarios and study them seriously, in order to learn from them, and work towards creating  the peace and stability that the nations are eager for them to achieve.


We all know what makes the Arab world a place of extraordinary opportunity in times of war and peace. Some of our economies are considered to be the fastest growing economies in the world, with a faster growing middle  class. Governments are carrying-out reform plans through attracting a record level of foreign investments based on the engagement of young people who are full of dreams and ambitions. The ultimate goal of this forum is to learn more about how best to support and create business opportunities and to best select and analyze what will work and what will not work in the context of our social and cultural environment.


It is no secret that the past few years have been very difficult for many with  elevated uncertainties. The issues you will be discussing today and in the coming next few days are considered critical to everyone with a special focus on the success of our nations’ partnerships.


Many of you might not agree with the answers that are given to many questions that will be raised during the forum, but the mere aspect of having a dialogue is in itself of great value.


Thank you.